Transfer to Park Foster Care

If you are an approved foster parent with another provider then we can offer guidance & support to help you through the ‘transfer protocol’ process to Park. We have successfully and positively completed the transfer of several foster parents from both independent agencies and local authorities. We know what your concerns might be and our experienced staff are on hand to talk to you about how we will support you, you family and any children placed with you, through the process.

Talk to a Park Foster Parent

If you would like to speak to someone who is actually fostering for Park and can give you information from the inside of fostering please contact us and we would be only too happy to get one of our foster parents to ring you to talk about the role and our agency in more depth.

Additional Support for Newly Approved Foster Parents
We understand how overwhelming it can be to start fostering, which is why we offer extra assistance to newly approved foster parents. Our experienced fostering “buddy” program pairs newly approved foster parents with existing foster parents who are available for a friendly chat over coffee.

We have been foster carers for almost 12 years. We started our career with Park Foster care and after 7 years we transferred to our local authority whom we were with for 5 years. We made the decision to return to Park Foster care this year after a succession of different supervising social workers meaning inconsistencies in our support. We have a long term sibling group of three children in placement and for us and the children we need the best possible support.

We felt that Park Foster care, whom we were with for 7 years and supported us with the same Supervising Social Worker for all of that time, would meet our long term needs and that of our children in placement far better than the LA. Their level of support is much higher, the likelihood of continuity and consistency of support is far higher and they provide excellent therapeutic support, which we may need to access in the future.

They have a therapeutic parenting approach which from experience we know will support placement stability for the children and provide access to additional services. This will be positive for us as carers to support the attachment work needed by the children as they develop.

So that was the professional aspect, but on a more personal level, being back with Park feels like coming home. We feel safe, looked after and secure in the knowledge that pretty much anything that we face in the future, Park will be there to support us and ‘our’ children. Our future is bright.

Park Foster Carers

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Speak to our friendly and knowledgeable team for more information on how to transfer to Park Foster Care. Simply complete the form or give us a call and we’ll be in touch.