Learning and Development

Foster carers are the key to keeping looked after children safe and helping them to realise their potential. At Park Foster Care we believe relevant and effective training is essential to provide a thorough understanding of child development and the legislative and regulatory frameworks within the fostering role. Training takes place online and at a number of different venues which supports our foster carer’s locality.

During the assessment process all fostering applicants complete the preparation training called ‘Skills to Foster’. This free course provides basic information enabling people who are interested in fostering to decide whether the role is for them and their family or not. The course is presented by Park Foster Care team and involves both large and small group working. Case studies are also used to explore understanding of aspects of child development, safeguarding and safer caring, equality and diversity in addition to looking at how children come into care and the legal aspects.

All approved foster carers are offered regular training some of which is important for all foster carers to complete. We provide all foster carers with a personal training plan each year outlining the training that has been identified for that carer to complete. Foster carers also have personal development plans these are for carers to reflect upon their learning and to help them identify other training that would be helpful for their ongoing development. These are reviewed throughout the year in supervision and any changing needs or requests are taken into account.

At Park Foster Care we provide mandatory core training sessions:

Safeguarding and safer caring
Equality and Diversity
First Aid
Report writing
Park Parenting approach (PPA)

In addition to the above you will be invited to attend specialist and advanced courses to reflect the needs of the foster carer groups, societal and emerging themes in children’s services. Our online training can take place from the comfort of your own home and for those other training forums we have venues that are local to our carer groups.

Peer interaction continues to be a significant platform for support and learning. With Park Foster Care you will have the opportunity to attend virtual carer support groups on a regular basis which are designed to support foster carers with practical issues, discuss therapeutic strategies, share information about changing policies, legislation and practice and develop a network of supportive colleagues.

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