Park’s Platinum Jubilee Party


The Park Jubilee event was a really lovely celebration which brought lots of the Park family together. The children and young people enjoyed both indoor outdoor games and we had some real close competition between the teams involved in the wet sponge relay and the tug of war! We have some super-fast and super strong kids who definitely helped the adults along!


There were lots of people enjoying their chance to take a photo on the throne, and we had some fantastic Kings and Queens posing for pictures. There were some members of the Royal family pottering around the venue too.


The crown parade was lovely, and the children had made some fabulous crowns fit for a King or Queen, which they showcased. The children all enjoyed a musical duck game, and there were some super speedy winners. Hook a duck was a real hit, and we saw some children and young people winning lots of prizes at the raffle.


All in all a great day was had!


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